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   Sales Development


"The Hom Team understood how to position our program in a dynamic way to excite prospective sponsors."

Vernon Foster
Charles P. Foster Foundation


Sales Development

The Hom Team is expert at developing sales strategies and creating power point presentations for a variety of clients.  The end-game is the same...communicate, entertain and most importantly, to close the sale.

For us to do so effectively, we ask our clients:

  • Who is the audience viewing the presentation
  • What are their hot buttons?
  • We anticipate objections
  • What is the decision making process to get to "yes"

If you have a sales or business presentation need, contact us.

Solutions for Our Clients

  • CoLours Television Network -- Advertiser/Sponsor Presentation
    Researched, scripted, and animated a power point presentation for this
    non-profit, multicultural television network. 
    Target audience:  potential corporate sponsors.
  • Home Box Office -- Point of Sale Strategy
    Co-authored strategy for impacting the point-of-sale for this leading premium television network.  The strategy called for the use and deployment of sales incentives and on-site trainers.
  • NAMIC Foundation -- Digital Bridge Project Presentation
    Developed a power point presentation targeted to potential corporate sponsors.  This presentation enabled the Foundation to secure over $5 million in sponsorships and services...more
  • The Banyan Tree Project -- Media Sponsorship Presentation
    Produced compelling presentation to communicate the vision and scope of this project and to gain media sponsorships.  This presentation helped the client gain access to over 80 million TV households...more