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Self-Mailer Package

Hyper-CD ROM


Home Box Office
New York, NY

HBO wanted to find a new way to demonstrate the interactive nature and quality of their service on the emerging digital television platform.  Sampling via digital TV preview in potential customer homes was costly, therefore, they required a cost-effective simulation. 

Also, previous tactics used to demonstrate this new, interactive medium such as direct mail were passive mediums, which did not showcase what this exciting new technology can do.


  • Designed and developed a new hybrid technology of interconnecting a CD-ROM and the Internet to demonstrate the interactive nature of HBO on cable digital TV platform.
  • Video was embedded on the CD and the key to "turn it on" and interact with a virtual digital TV remote was web based.  This allowed for streaming in real-time and capture of consumer interest data online.
  • Package design was a self-mailer housing the CD-ROM communicating "Virtual HBO Preview".  This was a breakthrough tactic for the Client and was extremely cost-effective.