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   Digital Bridge Project

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Photo still from national TV
Public Service Announcement spot


Bi-lingual Public Info Booklet
(Front Cover)


The Digital Bridge Alliance  Project
New York, NY

In 1999, under the Clinton administration, a study was published on the nation's use and access to the information age.  A divide between the "haves" and "have-nots" were uncovered, i.e., those that have means and access to computers and the Internet and those that do not.  This 'digital divide' was mainly attributed along the lines of race and income.

Led by Nancy Hom on behalf of NAMIC and the cable industry, the Digital Bridge Alliance was organized and formed to leverage collective assets of participating companies:  media, funds, and services to address this national concern.  Thus, the Digital Bridge Project was born.


The Hom Team developed many of the alliance's strategy and components to launch this initiative, including:

  • Fundraising and signing on participating companies.  We raised over
    $5 million in combination of funds, services, and in-kind services.
  • Produced two bilingual Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
    for television.
  • Gaining local and national distribution of the PSAs with cable networks. and cable operators; PSAs ran in over 80 million TV house holds.
  • Website
  • Branding--developed logo, tagline and campaign identity.
  • Public Information Booklet--in English/Spanish on computer and
    Internet access.
  • Launched Neighborhood Technology Centers to bring access to underserved communities.  Centers established in: Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C.