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   A&PI Wellness Ctr. | Chinese HIV/AIDS


Bus Shelter Poster

Bi-lingual HIV/AIDS Booklet


Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center
San Francisco, CA

This non-profit agency commissioned a study to look at the Chinese speaking  community's attitudes towards HIV/AIDS. 

Many myths and biases surfaced from the study revealing a lack of understanding and misconceptions about the topic that attributes to discrimination and bias.  In order to change attitudes, the campaign reached out to an older, first generation and recently immigrated
Chinese audience.


The campaign first acknowledged the community's belief system and then present facts that would challenge those beliefs.  Under the banner of "One mind opened.  One heart touched. One life changed.", this campaign used illustrated cartoon strips to draw attention to the issues.  The Hom Team secured local gay, Asian artist Hien Nguyen to do the illustrations pro-bono.

Tactics included:

  • A series of six illustrated advertorials that ran in major
    Chinese newspapers.
  • Bus shelter poster to draw attention to the newspaper campaign.
  • Printed public information booklet -- Chinese & English.
  • TV Public Service Announcement for Chinese television.
  • Press conference and media relations.

Download full Chinese HIV/AIDS Campaign case study.