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   ADA Compliance for Small Businesses Brochure

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Download pdf file verison of brochure
Tri-Fold Brochure
(Front Cover)


Hom Team Design, Coll Construction, and Bana Inc.
San Francisco, CA

The federal American Disabilities Act (ADA) presented a set of rules that prohibits discrimination to people with disabilities.  Physical barriers to access, presented a set of challenges for small businesses as they try to comply with the rules.


We wrote and produced a tri-fold brochure that is targeted to small business owners, informing them of what the ADA law says about removal of architectural barriers, what they must do to be compliant, and what tax incentives and resources are available to them.

Small businesses were very appreciative that this primer is a place for them to start and learn more about this issue that can trigger lawsuits when they are in violation and don't know pdf file version of brochure

Download pdf file version of brochure